What is “How Thought Works”?

     This website presents a key that exactly does unlock, to us people, the awesome and ever-spectacular workings of our mind. This unlocking is fully disclosed in the section, “Foundation.” From this, Foundation, section the entire universe of thought itself unfolds with no further obstacles to our discovery of its ways and means.

     This topic, that of the Foundation section, will overtake the world.

     ”The world,” here, means every aspect of what ever so ever that mankind does or comes to do.

     Overtake? yes, not overcome. To overcome means, to transfigure.
     Overtake? yes, not take over. To take over places force where transfiguration belongs.
     Overtaking means, to catch up with. A runner in a race may overtake a competitor and win the race. As well, a hiker may overtake a friend on the trail.


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